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I was tasked with converting the Table Tennis Buddy into a smart product. In its current state it can only have a consistent firing speed and rotation during sessions. By making a few adjustments I was able to make the machine shoot accurately at the desired locations.

In the improved version once its coordinates are entered, it will calculate the edge of the table and required speed to surpass the net on the table. Calculations to accomplish this were based on optimal performance from the motors, but since this will decrease over time a tuning setting was added.

Different behaviours and difficulty programs could also be integrated with this setup, however the most inventive was its AI feature. After training the user would be asked how many of the shots he missed. AI mode was a mix of previous training programs with a higher occurence rate of shots from training programs that the user failed with. Also more priority was given to shots missed in recent trainings to compensate for the increase in skill.

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