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Welcome to my portfolio website! If you scroll down you will find a variety of projects I've worked on.
I'm an independent didactic learner, which means that I excel when I learn by participating in projects
and that I will usually not need much guidance to complete a task. However, this does not mean that I prefer to work by myself. During my years at University, I was known by my peers as the person to ask for help whenever they got stuck on a project, especially on the technical side. Very few things give me more satisfaction than helping somebody reach their potential because I was able to give them some guidance.


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In this section you can find all the Lego sets I built as a fan designer.

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Esport Events

For events on a larger scale, I offer sponsors the option of having a customized visual style that matches both the company's aesthetics and the game being played. In most cases, a minimalist approach is requested because the promoted product is supposed to stand out.


However, in some circumstances, sponsors want the event itself to be the main focus, which leads to more interesting design challenges. Click on an image to learn more!

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