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topdesk among us.jpg

I was tasked with creating promotional material based on Topdesk's visual style, which was created by Frank van Klink. This style can be seen on the right. I used the designs of creatures used in previous promotional material in a new setting that resembles the game that was being promoted. This was highly effective because players of these games instantly recognized not only the Topdesk style but also the little references and jokes inside the image. 

My first time attempting this was before my first meeting with Topdesk, in which I created a proposal to do something similar, as can be seen on the bottom right. This was rejected due to Topdesk already being completely satisfied with the visuals already in use. This did make them trust me to start creating visuals in their name in the future, however.

Topdesk Frank.jpg
topdesk hearthstone cartoon.jpg
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